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Expanding our imagination
Our next frontlines event is on Thursday 26th October, 7.15pm at St Andrew’s Church, Starbeck. This event is open to all Christians, wherever God has placed you. Information and booking link below.

Imagine if we saw ourselves as whole-life representatives of God. Ken’s mission is to help us reimagine what we already do, where we already are, and what it looks like to be disciples of Jesus each day.

As we seek to explore and equip ouselves to be whole-life disciples we are delighted to welcome Ken Benjamin from LICC, to Harrogate for a whole-town evening event.

Ken seeks to equip people to share their faith wherever God has placed them in a fruitful, biblical, Christ-like way. The essence of his mission is to help us to reimagine what we already do, where we already are, through a whole-life lens. Come and hear Ken share his vast knowledge and wisdom, you may even discover some things to try!

Formerly President of Baptists Together, Ken joined LICC in September 2020. Ken, formerly President of Baptists Together, now Director of Church Relationships at LICC is a leading voice in the whole-life discipleship movement.

If you are a local christian leader and have a heart for mission in the town contact us to be invited the the Common Mission Forum

Frontline event with Ken Benjamin from LICC
‘Imagine a church community where everyone is committed to living their whole lives for Christ.’

Netmakers seek to help churches equip and release the whole body of Christ into whole life mission.

Your frontline is the place where you spend much of your time, where you meet people who don’t know Jesus. It’s the place God has called you, the place of possibility and potential. Whatever your age, employed or not everyone has a frontline.

Netmakers are on journey to discover, learn and grow in whole-life discipleship. We have partnered with LICC to help us to do this.  Over the last year, Netmakers hosted five events for leaders and church members where we have been joined by Mark Greene, Mission Champion at LICC. As we seek to equip the whole body of Christ to be, do and say the gospel on our frontlines, we have looked at a number of areas including:

  • Everyday faith, everyday fruitfulness.
  • Reading the bible through whole-life eyes.
  • Conversation about culture