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400 donors

The Harrogate Hub is Making a Difference.

People attending the Hub 
Essentially the Hub is a befriending service with sparkle! We are able to listen to people’s stories, build a sense of trust and help them find a way through their difficulties by reaching out to others with specialist knowledge for their help too. So how does it work?

Meet young PJ (initials made up for privacy). He says he has messed up his life on drink and drugs and now wants to get his act together. He has a long term disability which makes him feel like he is trapped in a cycle of unhappiness and sometimes despair. The carers at the Hub have listened to him and been able to help him and find him the specialists he needs to talk to. PJ has turned a corner and with God’s help he has begun a journey back to health and happiness. It will be a long journey but with the Hub’s support he has made a start. Praise God.

Meet LH (initials made up for privacy). He is a widower, feeling lost and isolated. After he shared his story the carers in the Hub were able to put LH in touch with a church pastor who now visits him and LH has begun to go to church. He is being freed from his dark depression and sadness with the help of the Hub.

Meet BK (initials made up for privacy). He is not homeless but he wanders the streets in search of refuge. He has called once or twice and has just begun his journey with the carers in the Hub.

Please support the work of the Carers in the Hub. We are just beginning our journey with the least, lost and lonely of our town and for such a time as this when loneliness and isolation are the main threats to our existence the Hub has opened its arms to wrap a great big hug around Harrogate.

We are seeking 400 donors to regularly give £10 per month. Would you help people like PJ, LH and BK to find a sense of belonging and connectedness? Can you help these people be better off than they currently are? Please donate from our website: and like us on Facebook so that the message travels far and wide.

Help us put the sparkle back into people’s lives! Thank you. 

Jo-Ann Hughes
Executive Director
Harrogate Hub

Please get in touch call 01423 369393 or email me:

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