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The Harrogate Hub has three distinct callings: 

Connection: Sharing the unconditional love of God with those in need and signposting to specialist support, community activities and the long-term care of local churches. 

Network: Serving churches by facilitating the sharing of resources; creating a space where churches can encourage and strengthen one another in existing areas of service and mission. 

Movement: Serving the community by bringing churches together to identify specific ways of bringing blessing and transformation. Facilitating joint action between the churches, and between church and community, to support people facing challenges in the Harrogate area.

The Hub building embodies our vision in its interactions with all those who use it including:

Connecting people with others, with friendship, with simple, wholesome food and with the love of the local church; 

Connecting people with God through love, care, blessing and prayer; 

Connecting people with an environment that facilitates reflection, support and challenge as they journey with God – through opportunities such as Alpha, or Step Up or short-term mission.