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To make the biggest difference

We invest in relationships with one another.

Do you want to see more people in our local area following Jesus?   Do you want to see fewer people experiencing injustice? Do you want everyone in your church to feel energised and equipped to step into whatever mission God has called them? Do you want to find a way of freeing up resources and avoiding duplication so our whole area can be reached without burnout?  Do you want all of this, and all your church’s mission activity to be underpinned by a town wide move of prayer?

Do you want to be part of this movement?  Will you join us?

Common Mission Forum Harrogate Church leaders meeting together

Connect with local leaders. The Common Mission Forum meets 6-monthly and is a place for leaders to explore, network, learn, pray and discern mission for our local town.

Netmakers Mighty Networks

Connect with community. Netmakers Mighty Network is an online community for people who have a heart for mission its a space for local churches to communicate together in one place.

Prayer in Harrogate churches

Connect in prayer. We gather to pray for  mission in our town. Leaders meet each month and Harrogate District House of Prayer meets weekly with people from local churches. All christians welcome.