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Pioneer Youth Leader

Serving young people across our town

Harrogate Pioneer Youth Leader

The Harrogate Hub, Kairos Network Church and five representatives from churches across Harrogate, have been working together to discern and design a brand-new role – Pioneer Youth Leader to serve the young people of our town.

The vision for the role is to create a network of Missional Youth Communities across Harrogate. In practice, this will look like:

  • Each of these Communities being an expression of church in its own right, each with a rhythm of worship, fellowship and mission.
  • The Pioneer Youth Worker focussing initially on one geography or school and only moving to another once a community and its volunteer leaders are well established.
  • The Pioneer Youth Worker building relationships with young people in the area through school clubs or detached work, asking young people what they might want to start (eg. film club, youth club, art project) and then exploring faith and discipleship in smaller groups as the opportunity arises.
  • The Pioneer Youth Worker forming a team of volunteers from across churches in Harrogate. (Churches have already agreed to support this, but the success of the project will depend on the Pioneer Youth Worker’s ability to build good relationships and lead a volunteer team well.)
  • The Pioneer Youth Worker developing relationships with local partners such as schools, churches, charities and other interested parties to understand where opportunities lie and work collaboratively to reach young people.

Recruitment opens in November with the desire to employ someone early in 2022.