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Our Story

Our Vision
  • We are a network of churches working together on mission, so that everyone in our town knows the love of God and love of community.   
  • But we’re not just for churches.  We collaborate with schools, businesses, charities and local government too, so that together we can make the greatest difference.  
Why are we called Netmakers?
  • We believe in the importance of network.  This means that no one is at the top (a hierarchy) or in the middle (hub & spoke). Everyone is important, everyone can get involved, everyone belongs. 
  • Our role is to “make the net”.  In other words, we create connections between people so that they can work together rather than alone.  As a result, we hope to see systemic change for good in our community. 
  • In the Bible, fishing nets are a metaphor for mission, so that fits nicely too! 
  • We love this African Proverb:   “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together!”