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Our Story


Back in 2013, a group of people began outlining a simple but audacious plan which could change lives throughout our local area.

This collection of church leaders and volunteers had noticed that for all of its beauty and abundant spa water of Harrogate, the area was dry of some fundamental needs – meaningful community and spiritual nourishment. They commissioned ‘Minding the Gaps’, a report which looked at the unmet social needs of the town. They knew that Harrogate’s reputation: a place of prosperity, where people thrive, was not matching the reality of many who crossed their paths.

The desire to change this situation was the driving force behind Netmakers, which wants to see more people knowing the love of God and the love of community.

We started by encouraging churches to work together more proactively on mission –  sharing resources, working collaboratively, communicating well, and having a desire to work together for the good of our community.  We now also network with charities, the public sector and businesses so that we can partner on common issues.

We want to see each person equipped, empowered and released into their God-given kingdom purpose so that together we can see systemic change happen